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Hoy Meadowbank Review

The Hoy Meadowbank is a bike that is made for the people out there who want to stay active but aren’t hardcore cyclists. It is made to be lighter than similar bikes, and is perfect for speedy riding, as we soon found out.

We managed to perform really well both on the road and on the nearby BMX track without any issues at all. While it weighs in at 11kg, which makes it a little on the light side for a BMX, we decided that it wasn’t to be classified as one anyway. This, coupled with the really great price of the bike, meant that it was the perfect fit for us, and for any aspiring BMX or road cyclist.

The Meadowbank today is different from when it first launched too – back then it didn’t have brakes and made use of drop bars that were reminiscent of classic racing bikes. Now though, it makes use of a kit that ensures its versatility no matter what manner of use you have thought up for it.

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  • Lightweight
  • Great for racing and stunts
  • Huge tires
  • Brilliant brakes

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  • Slimmer profile of tires
  • No grooves in the tires


The Verdict

A hybrid bike that is made for both speed and stunts without being a master of either – this is the perfect bike for the casual urban cyclist looking to explore.

We loved riding the Hoy Meadowbank and switching between the two modes that were open to us. From the updated design to the amazing brakes and the surprisingly light frame, this is a bike that we loved to love!

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