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GT Traffic Review

GT has a very unique design for the frame of the GT Traffic – a triple triangle system that enhances stability and durability while keeping the bike light and fast. It also makes it very easy to spot a GT bike in a crowd.

This one is a hardtail that is made using an aluminum frame and fork, with an 8 speed drive train to complement the setup. The machine has been fully urbanized, with a nice set of locks for the front wheel and seatpost (so that you don’t have to come back from work to find an empty shell of a bike).

It also rides in a very upright position so that the handling is a little more responsive in traffic. While the gearing hub isn’t the best, it is perfectly decent enough for use on the streets. Handling is slow and steady, which means that while we did find the bike very reliable, it was also a little boring to ride.


  • Made for the streets
  • Locks for all the components
  • Upright seating
  • More control in traffic
  • Very reliable


  • Drivetrain could be improved

The Verdict

The GT Traffic is a bike that is made to perform on the streets of the city, meaning that it is a solid, dependable and reliable choice of bike for just about anyone.

We had a great experience with the GT Traffic, and thought that it made a lot of effort in all the right places. However, we did thing that it could do with some improvement in a couple of places as well.

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