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GT Performer Review

One of the features of the GT Performer that stood out the most was the fact that it was focused on being a throwback to its inspiration. The frame and the fork of the bike are chrome plated for a more authentic appearance.

We also saw that the conjunction of the seatstays and the seat with the top tube was brought back in the new Performer, although it isn’t nearly as big as it used to be. We also noticed Mohawk hubs on the bike, ridged for a more retro feel.

The bike we received had 4 pegs made out of forged steel. These add to the 32lb weight of the bike, so a lot of cyclists would probably remove at least two of them to reduce the weight.

One of the other features we grew to love on the Performer was the pair of 26” wheels on it. While this isn’t against 20” wheels in any way, we can’t deny that we just love 26 inchers. That said, people may feel a little awkward trying to handle the BMX for the first time.


  • Beautiful retro appearance
  • Strong frame and fork
  • Big wheels are a nice touch
  • Very comfortable saddle


  • Some parts feel a little value-oriented
  • Plastic pedals can bend easily

The Verdict

A BMX bike that is made to invoke every ounce of nostalgia in your body, the GT Performer will make you feel like you’re reliving your childhood once more.

We had a lot of feels and fun playing around with the GT Performer. While it may be true that the retro style and feel is amazing though, there are a lot of improvements to be made in the design of the bike and its endurance.

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