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This is a bike designed primarily for women but joyfully, it can be enjoyed by men as well. The GT Laguna is beautifully made and styled. It is extremely comfortable and capable on the trail as well as the road. We sure had a lot of fun taking it out for a day.

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GT Laguna 2019
GT Laguna 2019

GT Laguna Review

Although most people are likely to look at the initials GT and say it’s an abbreviation to Grand Tourer or Tour, the story is very different with the company that manufactures GT bicycles. It actually got its name from the founder, Gary Turner, a man who many regards as the godfather of the current range of BMX style racing bikes. He was one of the pioneers of racing bike technology back in the early 70s which, come to think of it, is nearly fifty years back from now, yikes! His blueprints can still be seen to day in the modern range of BMX racing bikes.

The frame of the Laguna is aluminum alloy, befitting of the price and is a slightly more effeminate version – whatever that means – of the GT triple triangle design. Veteran riders will agree it is more of woman’s bike than a man’s. Just be careful not to start an argument with a college student on that. However, if you happen to be a male rider, knowing this bike is more for ladies is unlikely to discourage you from taking a crack at it anyway. It is still a very appealing bike, and it is a GT; so why not? No one is going to judge you for that.

Being somewhat of a mountain bike going by the design, comfort is an important factor to consider during the test ride. And the Laguna did not disappoint in this area. The riding position and sat enable you to go harder for longer without feeling any regret for pushing your limits afterward. Perhaps the only criticism we have of the Laguna is – because it’s an iffy mountain bike – it doesn’t clear slightly bigger bumps and rocks that you might encounter particularly well. The front suspension is really low on travel, but that’s about it.

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  • Good value
  • Splendid design
  • Comfortable ride quality

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  • Short front travel


The Verdict

The GT Laguna is a bike that is very well put together. It looks great and is a joy to ride for long periods. Mind the front suspension though.

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