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There are lot of decent budget hardtails out there, and it is worth checking out a few different models to see what meets your needs. The GT Karakoram models are not the best in their price range, but they do have a few merits, such as fast tires and relaxed riding.

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GT Karakoram Comp in.
GT Karakoram Comp in.
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GT Karakoram Review

The GT Karakoram bikes were designed mainly for trails, but this mountain bike didn’t exactly hold up to what we would have liked when we took it for a spin. We tried the Karakoram on several known trails, from the basic to the rough ones.

What we found was that, despite the budget componentry and aluminum frames, these bikes held up decently on the normal trails. They are not so great on the rougher rides. These bikes were quite heavy compared to average trails, so we would not recommend these for practice bikes if you are trying to go pro. They are, however, extremely durable, so you won’t need to worry about banging them up a little. They are also easy to upgrade if you are unhappy with the components.

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  • Durable
  • Decently stable rides on normal to medium difficulty trails
  • Relaxed riding
  • Fast wheelset
  • Good for commutes with rack and bottle holder mounts available
  • Easy to upgrade

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  • Heavy frames
  • Budget componentry
  • Better bikes available at this price
  • Can’t handle heavy-duty trails confidently


The Verdict

These bikes are just okay, and nothing particularly exciting to speak of, but they do make for easy urban or leisurely trail riding.

The GT Karakoram bikes are just not up to par for this brand, and there are better bikes available at this price range. We wouldn’t recommend these MTBs, but they certainly aren’t bad, and they do get the job done.

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