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GT Helion Review

We confess, none of us were that excited to review the GT Helion model. It’s one of those high-end travel bikes that promise more than it delivers. However, by the end of the testing stage, we realized we had clearly underestimated the power of this model.

This model has a suspension based on the original GT Independent Drivetrain suspension. Though the system has evolved, it’s still quite complex. That’s why we were quite unassuming when we took this model out for a spin. The 6061 T6 hydroformed alloy AOS frame that comes with the model should be hard to handle, but it’s not. The good performance can largely be attributed to the bars, each 740mm long. Travel bikes usually come with 110mm bars.

The longer bars provide more control of the frame and wheels. The bars are easy to hold and vibrate less during climbs, over obstacles and when making short bumps. There’s no fuss when navigating when combined with the 69.5-degree head angle and 70.5 seat angle.

This model offers almost seamless navigation specs wise. After the price, the problem we had with this model is the Alivio shifters that only had 9 speeds. Also, the grips are more stuck on than lock on as ideal for tough trails.

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  • Excellent frame
  • Longer handlebars
  • Solid head and seat angles
  • Vibration-free navigation
  • Powerful

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  • Can be expensive
  • Shifter speeds are limited to 9
  • Grip is not ideal


The Verdict

GT Helion is a professional-grade bike career cyclists and hardcore riders will surely love.

This model can navigate smoothly on even the bumpiest roads. The upgraded suspension, though complex, assures comfort and nimble navigation. Though the speeds on this model can be limited, that’s nothing an upgrade wouldn’t fix.

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