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Giant Talon Review

Giant Talon offers a solution to a major problem many cyclists face: an affordable outdoor bike. Most outdoor bikes are made for pros and cost an arm and a leg. Also, they have many unnecessary features that beginners pay for and never really need. This model is the ideal solution to all that.

We were amazed by how easy it was to handle this bike model on our review. We admit, none of us are new to biking outdoors. Some of us are pro racers. But we are not unfamiliar with the fears and problems many new bikers face. So we handled our review keeping those in mind.

One of the biggest problems with road bikes is that beginners find them difficult to handle, especially if the terrain rises up and down randomly. But This model’s design offers a highly controlled and balanced ride. Sudden turns are not so scary thanks to the user friendly and nimble handlebar. Handlebar height can be bit of a headache if you are tall (or have a long torso). The extra height inches can give the feel of riding a training bike.

Other than that, this is a solid bike. While it cannot handle rally challenging mountain biking trails, beginners won’t need to worry about that. Even pros will have something to like with this one.


  • Excellent features
  • Perfect for entry-level
  • Affordable price range
  • Great balance and control


  • Handlebar height can pose problems for tall riders
  • Not suitable for extremely challenging terrain

The Verdict

Giant Talon is the ideal entry-level off road bike for enthusiasts. You can be assured of a balanced ride throughout.

While the rides are not 100 percent smooth, you will have better control with bikes of this model than others. Giant Talon can handle versatile rough terrain just like any pro bike. To top off all these perks, it’s also highly affordable.

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