Giant Rapid

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Giant Rapid Review

Giant is a brand that has created and cultivated a unique design over the years. The Giant Rapid is the result of the brand trying to push the limits of its signature compact aluminum frame. The Rapid is a highly practical model intended for highly active users. We took it out for a spin to review how it fared against our expectations.

The most notable highly of Rapid is that it has a flat handlebar. Otherwise, it looks a lot like Defy. This is surely a fitness and fast commute bike. But the Rapid also offers more. It’s also very lightweight and narrow-tired, ideal for leisurely journeys as well.

The Rapid has frame eyelets to fit mudguards and a rack, so it’s ideal for everyday use as well. We have to say that during out testing, we didn’t particularly note any versatility for the Rapid. It’s not as versatile as a hybrid. As for comfort, it fared quite well on shorter rides. But you might need to replace the saddle for longer rides to be comfortable.

The Rapid is light, has powerful 57mm-drop brakes and room for good mudguards. It’s great for the purposes it advertises.


  • Fast
  • Lightweight
  • Highly practical
  • Multifunctional


  • Not as versatile as a hybrid
  • Not comfortable on long rides

The Verdict

Giant Rapid is the bike model for you if you want a fitness bike that is as light as a road bike.

This model fits wells within a modern work schedule. Travelling to work in the morning, and going on fitness spins in the evening. You can get good responsiveness from Giant Rapid, at least for short rides.