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Giant Escape Review

Giant is a renowned brand among bike owners. Due to this, we were quite excited to review the Giant Escape. After all, we were expecting good things from it. There is nothing particularly remarkable looking about the Escape. However, it is certainly one of the sleeker road bikes that we’ve seen. It appears that it’s not inconsiderable 12 kilos are evenly distributed.

This is something that we noticed when we first straddled the bike. Despite the weight, the Escape appears to be quite light. This was not the only surprise that the Escape had in store for us, however. Once we took off we learned something – it is quite fast as well. Of course, it is no racer but we felt that it definitely gained a lead on most other commuter bikes. This is always a nice touch.

One of the aspects of commuter bikes is that they need to be quite versatile when it comes to terrain. With this in mind, we decided to head to somewhere with slopes. Despite the weight, the gears provided with the Escape really helped us get up a hill without too much fuss. This acceleration only increased as we headed downhill. It was a total thrill.
For the most part, the bike is quite comfortable. It helps you maintain a proper posture so your muscles will not be in knots at the end of the ride. At the same time, this offers less comfort on bumpier terrain. You can expect to get knocked around a little.

We have to say for the price that this bike is going for, we were pleasantly surprised. All around, it really does offer up a great experience.


  • Affordable bike
  • Good frame
  • Nice set of gears
  • Fast
  • Good for small slopes
  • Durable


  • A little heavy
  • A bit uncomfortable on rough terrain

The Verdict

This Giant Escape provides an affordable and quality option for daily commuters who are both beginners and experts.

The Giant Escape is definitely one that you should get if you are planning to conduct a lot of travel on bicycle. It is fast and reliable, making it the perfect choice.

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