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The Giant Anthem range of cross country mountain bikes has some great models to choose from, ranging from lightweight aluminum frames and Shimano SLX componentry to composite aluminum frames and SRAM XX1 Eagle components.

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Giant Anthem 1 2018
Giant Anthem 1 2018
$3,750 $2,250
You save 40%
Giant Anthem Advanced Pro 1 2018
Giant Anthem Advanced Pro 1 2018
$4,900 $2,940
You save 40%

Giant Anthem Review

Giant is known for some high-quality aluminum mountain bikes. They’ve been around for over four decades, so it is no surprise that we were quite pleased with the Anthem’s performance during our review.

We had a few test rides into the city and across some rough hilly trails nearby, and overall, the precision, stability, and handling were superb. Rear suspension on the Advance 29 was especially superior, with great climbing traction and a smooth feel.

The geometry of these bikes is well suited for experienced cross country riders, with carefully tailored angling. We thought that the Anthem bikes could have been lighter at this price range, but they were not particularly cumbersome to complain about.

These all-terrain bikes are somewhat averagely agile, lacking a certain aggression with some of the models, but are otherwise satisfactory. The range is wide enough for you to be able to pick something out to suit your needs without having to spend unnecessarily. These bikes do come with some great construction, and will only require an upgrade or two, if at all.


  • Quality componentry
  • Mostly lightweight frames
  • Great geometry
  • Great for experienced XC riders
  • Suspension


  • Some models a little on the heavy side
  • Not as agile and aggressive as we would like

The Verdict

Great all-purpose bikes with some high-quality expert models for cross country mountain bikers.

The Giant Anthem bikes may not be perfect, but they handle smoothly on all types of terrain, and are built for most mountain bikers’ needs. At the top of the line, we might have expected better componentry for the price range, but the Anthem still offers high quality performance.

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