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Ghost Riot Review

Well the Ghost Riot sounds infinitely cool. The question that remains if the bike handles as cool as it sounds. Well, one thing that you can agree on is that the bike certainly looks good. In addition to a svelte frame, Ghost has gone out of its way to keep all of the components tucked neatly inside. Despite the minimalistic appearance, there are plenty of unique colors to keep you interested.

Once we were done admiring the clean lines on the bike, it was time to hit the trails. One thing that you are going to worry about as you hit every bump you see is the suspension on the bike. This was not something that you need to be concerned with the Riot. This is due to the RIOT-link rocker arm that controls the rear suspension. Without a doubt, the suspension is one of our favorite parts about this bike.

Now moving onto the other interesting little feature on the Riot. This is the climb lever that you can operate when (you guessed it) you climb. Flying down the slopes is a breeze with the Riot. It is an absolute joy to ride. So as you can imagine, we were pretty excited about the climb feature as well. Luckily, we were not disappointed! This feature really does help with the overall feel of the bike, helping you climb that much easier. Though for the less challenging climbs, you really won’t need it as the Riot holds its own.

Overall, the Ghost Riot offers a fun ride and is just a seriously good bike. An additional bonus is that it really is a multifunctional bike and can be used on multiple terrains with all good results.


  • Excellent Suspension
  • Compact profile
  • Addition of climb lever


  • A little expensive

The Verdict

The Ghost Riot, albeit a little costly, is one of those trail bikes that you should just not miss out on.

The Ghost Riot is not perfect but it does get quite close. Most importantly, however, is that this bike will get up and down trails with minimal fuss.