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Genesis Latitude Review

The Genesis Latitude made use of a steel chassis instead of the standard alloy, which is a throwback to a time when things were very different in the world of biking. However, alloys are chosen for a reason, so it left us wondering why the steel frame had been picked for this one.

However, it has all been put together really well, and has been made to specification by Genesis using their own brand of tubing. Any kind of fork can be used with the head tube of this bike, although the standard is an X Fusion Velvet that is actually pretty great at doing what it is supposed to.

In addition to this, the bike has a Shimano Deore gearing system and I-Spec shifters and levels. All of these are mounted onto a single clamp on each side of the bar, which makes the front of the bike a lot neater.

Riding this bike was a wonderful experience, although we soon started to experience little issues with the fork. For example, it simply isn’t as great as the RockShox Revelation for the same price!

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  • Great design with steel frame
  • Highly durable
  • Nice components
  • Good gearing and cable routing

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  • Fork wasn’t the best out there


The Verdict

The Genesis Latitude is a bike that speaks volumes when you step on the pedals. A great bike for entry level biking for people who don’t get too discerning.

We had a lot of laughs trying out the Genesis Latitude, from the retro feel to the great handling and pickup. However, we do wish the fork had been different, although this wasn’t that big a deal.

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