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Genesis Caribou Review

Genesis has not been around for longer than a decade, but it has had some popular cycles and high profile riders in that short time. Though the company is better known for its road and urban riding models, it has dabbled in a little of everything. The Genesis Caribou is certainly a good looking and rigid chromoly fat bike, but it’s not exactly impressive in any way.

We tried it out on varying terrain and in rainy and dry weather for this review. The bike didn’t feel very conducive for picking up some speed, certainly not on the climbs. It’s quite heavy, although this is to be expected. The Shimano parts are pretty basic for the price tag of over a thousand dollars. The floaty tires make for a lot of bounce, and their weight hinders quick turns.

This bike is not the most confident rider on steeper climbs, lacking a good amount of control. But, it does make for a good utility bike and for some good fun exploring. There are rack, fender, and bottle mounts, so the Caribou can easily provide for some adventure or for commuting.

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  • Good for adventuring and commuting
  • Rack, mudguard, bottle mounts available
  • Capable of dealing with all weather conditions
  • Can take on varying terrain
  • Looks good

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  • Too much weight, especially the wheelset
  • Tires too bouncy, can’t handle fast turns too well
  • Not a confident ride, lacks control


The Verdict

Not a particularly spectacular fat bike, but all right for adventuring, exploring, and commuting in any weather.

We’ve reviewed fat bikes with better price tags and better specs, but considering the Genesis Caribou is intended for dealing with mountain trails and varying weather, it does do its job. You may be best off mountain a rack and mudguards.

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