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Fuji Nevada Review

Fuji is quickly gained a reputation for being responsible for some really good mountain bike options. Although this was not their forte, the company quickly grew into it, being able to pinpoint just what the rider needed. When we saw the price tag on this bike, we really did think it was too good to be true. Let’s take a look at what we found out.

The first thing that we took note of was that the bike was a tad bit heavy at around 14 kilos. This means that people who are a little smaller might find it a bit difficult heading uphill. The geometry as well is a little more suited to those who are taller with bigger physiques. Once we looked the Nevada over, we headed out to the trails to see what we could make of it.

One of the things that surprised us about the Nevada was that despite the heft, this bike picked up incredible speed. We were able to zip around easily, much to our delight. Of course, things got a little trickier as we tried to climb up slopes. Here, the weight was a bit more of a hindrance. Once we headed downhill, things got a lot easier for us.

There were a fair bit of mixed reviews from our test group. On one hand, we admired the performance of the Nevada. It worked well on the trails although we were doubtful about how it would handle some tougher terrain. On the other hand, all of the components were not exactly up to the standard that we had hoped for. Of course, when you look at this price tag, you can’t really complain too much.


  • Low price
  • Good frame
  • Brakes well
  • Handles medium terrain quite easily
  • Fast


  • Heavy
  • Components could use improvement
  • Strictly for beginners

The Verdict

The Fuji Nevada is definitely a good choice for a beginner’s bike. The affordable cost and the overall durability make it a good bike to start with.

The Fuji Nevada does have its faults but overall, it works quite well for someone who is just starting out.

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