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Fuji Absolute Review

Not everyone likes to ride a bike leaning in. Older riders, especially, would prefer to ride upright for most of the journey. Fuji Absolute is the only bike model we know so far designed to provide upright riding. We absolutely had to take this hybrid bike out for a spin to find out how comfortable this would be.

The design of this model is quite interesting. The aluminum frame has a straight bladed fort to ensure the ride is nimble. The handlebars are, of course, flat, to reduce hand pressure when in the upright position. It’s easy to maintain position for several hours on a long road without back pain.

We found that this model is also quite smooth on hilly tracks as well. The grips and the Oval Concepts saddle can absorb the shock of varying elevation quite well. The drivetrain has 27 speed to small hills basically feel like flat land. Gear changing is made easy by EZ-Fire shifters. The Vera Corsa tires ensure comfort on both city cities and dirt tracks.

The breaks are very reliable too. The problem is the upright position can sometimes make speeding difficult. Some riders may find this perfectly all right. Also, the tires are not durable. Heavy users might find replacement needed several times per year.


  • Upright position support
  • Great breaks
  • Vera Corsa tires that can handle hilly terrain quite well
  • Shock-absorbing saddle
  • EZ-Fire shifters that make gear changing easy
  • Drivetrain with 27 speeds


  • Speeding can be difficult
  • Tires are not durable

The Verdict

If you are one of those upright position fanatics, Fuji Absolute is definitely the bike for you.

This hybrid bike model ensures smooth riding on a variety of mildly challenging trails. Navigation and control is very easy thanks to highly responsive specs. On top of all these perks, Fuji Absolute is well suited for everyday commuting as well.

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