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Framed Minnesota Review

The Framed Minnesota had an alloy build that made for a sturdy, durable feel for the bike. It is made for riding in the snow, and therefore has a rigid alloy frame and fork along with alloy seatpost and stems.

The equipment on the bike was very pleasing to us as well – they made use of SRAM and Avid brakes and derailleurs along with 4 inch Innova tires. Of course, the build wasn’t meant to be the lightest out there, so the bike was pretty heavy, but it wasn’t a bad thing by any means.

There was no sluggishness to the overall build of the bike, that’s for sure. Even better – we realized that Framed had provided a set of alloy pedals that felt incredibly solid. This isn’t something that a lot of manufacturers do for their buyers, so we were very pleased indeed.

The blue finish to the bike was one to be marveled at too, as it felt like a beautiful machine on the outside as well. One bad thing was that it was terrible at riding on actual concrete, being built mainly for the snow.

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  • Beautiful finish
  • Alloy build
  • Great components
  • Made for snow riding
  • Not too heavy

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  • Sluggish on normal roads and pavement


The Verdict

This fat bike is built for riding in the winter and is able to hold its own in the worst snowstorms and come out on top!

Just don’t try to ride this on the pavement regularly. The low pressure fat tires will turn you into a sweaty, sniveling wreck. For the intended purpose though, this was one of the best bikes we have seen below $1000!

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