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The Niner WFO is a 29” enduro style of mountain bike that has been applauded by critics and users all over the world for the improvements that have been made over older iterations of the bike. The latest breed has all the trappings of a great ride, and is bound to make anyone happy!

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Niner WFO e9 Magnetic Grey Orange Camo
Niner WFO e9 Magnetic Grey Orange Camo

Niner WFO Review

We decided to take a look at the Niner WFO to see if it was really as good as they say it was. It features a gorgeous aluminum frame that is made of airformed metal, and has a suspension that is of the dual-link type.

It had about 150mm of travel, which we thought was great indeed. The fork on the bike can be changed out for anything with travel between 150mm and 170mm. When we weighed the bike with all of its components, we found that it weighed a nice, solid 13kg.

We also noticed that the bike featured Schwalbe Nobby Nic tires, which handled themselves really well on trails and tracks. The frame was able to stand up to a ton of abuse, which was pretty wonderful.

In addition to this, we tested the bike out on climbs and found that it was actually a very nifty climber, with a ton of awesome perks and a lot of efficiency throughout the ride.


  • Great on climbs
  • Nice weight for enduro
  • Very strong frame design
  • Comfortable and efficient
  • Really good tires


  • Could be a lot more responsive on corners

The Verdict

This is a great enduro bike for anyone who is a fan of bigger wheel sizes and a slacker geometry. It is bound to help you perform a lot better during your trail rides and the longer trips you take.

We took our time reviewing the Niner WFO, and we had a great time doing it. While it did become a little difficult on sharp turns, the efficiency and power of the ride were both great, so we do recommend it to anyone!