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If you are looking for a commuter bike that’s easy on the wallet, check out the Focus Arriba. For the price you’ll pay on an Arriba, you’ll definitely get more than your money’s worth. This bike features Focus’s very own componentry, aluminum speed trekking frames, and comfortable saddles to make riding long trips a breeze.

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Focus Arriba Disc Sora 2016 55 silber
Focus Arriba Disc Sora 2016 55 silber
$799 $773

Focus Arriba Review

The Focus Arriba is good on most roads, offering an upright riding position, easy handling and good balance. You can easily mount a rack and mudguards, so you don’t have to compromise on functionality. With Shimano V-brakes and Schwalbe Speed Cruiser tires, your commutes will always be comfy and quick.

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