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Felt Decree is a trail bike model that promises versatility, responsiveness and low weight. These bikes have FAST suspension setup that makes accelerated climbs less shocking. The model comes with stiffer than average frames as well. The bikes are designed for pros, not beginners.

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Felt Decree FRD Full 2019 Full
Felt Decree FRD Full 2019 Full
$8,999 $5,590
You save 38%
Felt Decree FRD Full 2019 Text 20 Text
Felt Decree FRD Full 2019 Text 20 Text
$8,999 $5,590
You save 38%

Felt Decree Review

Felt Decree is a highly anticipated trail bike model from the brand. These bikes are notable for featuring FAST suspension setups. Only other bike model to have this feature is Edict. We did a review with several trail bike veterans to find out how the model performed.

The FAST system gives these bikes quite unique features. The rear triangles of the bikes are neutrally preloaded in the SAG position because of this. It’s intended to absorb shock. It makes carbon seat stays flex when the bike is riding for prolonged periods, so that it supports any shock. It also allows for accurate pedaling and highly responsive suspension. The rear compression design facilitated riding smoothly over small bumps. Trail riders will really like this feature.

These bikes have Shimano Di2 batteries inside the frames, which allows for easy cable routing. It’s easy to say that the designers have paid attention to the small details when it comes to these bikes. The geometry of the bikes makes them really responsive. Overall, the bikes are very lightweight with powerful abilities to make climbs. It’s easy to accelerate and go over bumps experiencing little bumpiness and shock. The frame is very stiff to support this sort of fast riding. However, the comfort levels are not as good at other similar trail models like Felt Virtue. Still, Decree bikes are very versatile and come with good prices.


  • Unique FAST suspension setup
  • Lightweight
  • Well designed
  • Responsive
  • Very stiff frame


  • Could be more comfortable

The Verdict

Felt Decree bikes are ideal for trail riders who seek versatility and responsiveness when making those though climbs. These bikes are lightweight and come with a number of unique features. We recommend Decree bikes to riders with experience. If you are a beginner, this model will have little to offer.

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