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If you are looking for a bike that will help you get started in mountain biking, then the Diamondback Overdrive is a great introduction. The aluminum frame helps to keep the bike at around 14 kilos, reliant on the specific components. Depending on the specs that you prefer, the Overdrive can either be a cheap option or a more costly one.

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Diamondback Overdrive Review

If you haven’t committed fully to mountain biking, it can be quite intimidating to put down a whole lot of cash. After all, your bike might end up in a store room a couple of weeks from now. You will have nothing to show for all of the money that you spent. This, in part, is the beauty of the Diamondback Overdrive. It is the perfect ride for someone just getting started out in mountain biking.

That being said, it is still a quality bike. The geometry, in particular, is quite impressive. This helps to balance out the handling and cornering, making this quite the steady ride. A minor fault could be found with the aluminum frame. While it is a good quality frame, being aluminum does mean that it weighs a little extra. This can begin to tire you out if you heading up an especially steep hill. If you have got the physique to balance it out, however, there are no problems.

What we found to be quite delightful were the tires. These were simply made to hit up rougher terrain without even missing a beat. You are going to be able to tear into these wheels without having to deal with the consequences. As a plus, they offer up some serious traction as well.

Now, on to the things that we felt could have been improved with the Overdrive. The fork is not that reliable and takes its time adjusting to different terrain. Also, when it comes to comfort, the seat was quite uncomfortable. This simply means that you want to spend less time on this otherwise great bike.


  • Great geometry
  • Good price for value
  • Excellent tires
  • Great fun to ride
  • Good for beginners


  • Fork
  • A little heavy
  • Less attractive to experienced riders
  • Uncomfortable seat

The Verdict

The Diamondback Overdrive is a refined and fun bike to ride. The price makes it even more alluring.

Diamondback Overdrive definitely should be a top option for beginner mountain bike riders. They will certainly not be disappointed.

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