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Diamondback Insight Review

For the last four decades, Diamondback has produced some stellar road and mountain bicycles, and sponsored some heavy hitters in competition. As you can imagine, we were expecting a lot even from their entry level Diamondback Insight series because of this. For the most part, they did deliver.

We decided to take these bikes out for review after a rainy night so we could test out the Tektro and linear alloy brakes. They didn’t hold up so well, and without shocks, rougher rides were not very pleasant. But on the upside, there are plenty of gears, up to 21, and the aluminum frames are light and feature some beautiful and compliant geometry.

We have some above and below average sized riders, and they were thrilled with the size options available, so there were no complaints there. Shimano and DB componentry worked well overall, and are pretty good considering this price. It would have been nice to have a kickstand.


  • Looks great
  • Light weight
  • Compliant and comfortable
  • Great gear options
  • Lots of sizes to choose from
  • Shimano and DB componentry
  • Easily affordable considering componentry!


  • No kickstand
  • Poor brakes on wet road
  • No shocks

The Verdict

Despite the few annoyances, these bikes are incredible value for money, and great for if you need something cheap for recreational riding and commuting.

If you don’t mind the few cons of the Diamondback Insight series, then this it is worth buying for getting around town or having some fun rides around the park with the kids. You can always upgrade with a kickstand and new brakes if you need better performance.

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