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Cube Tonopah is one of the best crossbikes currently available in the market. Bikes of this model are designed with functionality and performance in mind. This model comes with state of the art air suspension fork, TC groupset and top-grade chassis to handle almost any terrain and challenge.

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Cube Tonopah Pro Herren 2017
Cube Tonopah Pro Herren 2017

Cube Tonopah Review

Cube Tonopah is one of the best bike models we feel like we have been lucky to review. This model is uniquely designed to increase efficiently and comfort without increasing weight as well. We have to say the engineers have amazingly achieved what they have aimed to do.

The model joins a double butted tubeset at the seat tube and head tube junctions. It’s done so perfectly there are no welding marks to complain about. This design choice gives this model better stability. Also, other design choices have made this model significantly stiff. These features made our test rides smoother and more nimble.

The bikes are also equipped with Shimano XT groupset, so breaking is swift and highly reliable. Considering the lightweightness of the frame, stopping power is incredible. The bike model also comes with an impressive 30 gears. We found the front end was stable even on really rough terrain.

Everything seemed perfect, but we thought that the components could last longer. The wheels, in particular, could have more traction.

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  • Incredible design
  • More efficiency
  • Highly stable
  • Lightweight

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  • Tires could have more traction


The Verdict

Cube Tonopah is definitely one of the best bike models to own. We can recommend it for regular urban commuting as well as adventure rides.

It’s clear that the makers have given careful thought to many of the choices design wise. As a result, you can get a faster, stronger, better crossbike.

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