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If you are looking for one bike that does it all, you will have found your match with the Cube Nature. This bike frame is constructed of Superlite Double Butted aluminum and weighs in at almost 14 kilos. This bike is a moderately priced bike.

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Cube Nature Exc 2019
Cube Nature Exc 2019
$659 $690
Cube Nature Trapeze Urban 2019 Iridium - 19.5
Cube Nature Trapeze Urban 2019 Iridium - 19.5
$499 $493
Cube Nature Pro Trapeze Urban 2019 - 21
Cube Nature Pro Trapeze Urban 2019 - 21
$599 $616
Cube Nature EXC Trapeze Urban 2019 - 21
Cube Nature EXC Trapeze Urban 2019 - 21
$659 $677
Cube Nature Pro 2019
Cube Nature Pro 2019
$599 $622

Cube Nature Review

Typically, most bikes come with one specific activity in mind. This typically means that if you are an avid biker, you are going to need more than one machine in your garage. This is why whenever we get the chance to review hybrid bikes, we are always curious. Cube has been known for producing some quality bikes. What drew us to this particular one was that not only was it a hybrid of sorts, the price was quite reasonable as well.

To be able to be able to handle various terrains and riding situations, the Cube Nature would have to be fitted out accordingly. So we first took a look at the construct. The frame is made of double butted aluminum. On one hand, this makes this bike a little bit on the heavier side. However, it does pay off when you consider the durability. The bike looks like it could take a beating and still keep going. This is compounded by features such as internally routed cables.

We decided to try out a couple of different terrains with the Nature. We started out with something a little more civilized. Here, the bike held up well, and we were impressed with both the steering as well as the handling. We decided to head over to somewhere a little more challenging. Here, too, the Nature was quite resilient, fielding most of what we threw at it with ease. The bike does manage to maintain some semblance of comfort, even with a bumpy road.

Of course, we did feel the weight every time we hit a slope. The Cube Nature requires a little more encouragement if you are planning on heading up an incline. Nonetheless, it still held true. Going down, as you can imagine, was a total breeze.


  • Durable frame
  • Affordable price
  • Good handling
  • Adequate suspension


  • The bike is a bit heavy

The Verdict

The Cube Nature is a good value for money with its ability to handle a variety of terrains.

If you are not particular to any one type of cycling, then the Cube Nature will be a good fit for you. It will handle most of what you throw at it.

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