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Cube Fritzz Review

The Cube Fritzz isn’t a new bike. There have been previous models as well, and each one has been improved until the current one. The addition of an all new rear shock was the biggest and most obvious difference we noticed when we received the bike for review.

It felt incredibly smooth and efficient to ride, able to go uphill almost as powerfully as it can go across rough terrain. The frame is made out of a stiff alloy that feels very durable indeed, and is capable of turning tight and hard with no issues at all.

One problem that we noticed was that the chainset made a lot of noise, which meant that it couldn’t be used by ninjas, but other than that there were no problems at all. The frame of the Fritzz was HPA at less than 3kg overall, with Schwalbe tires that are more than capable of managing slip on the wetter, muddier trails.

The fork has 160mm travel so that clogging is never going to be an issue (we tried it out too) and the Shimano drivetrain ensures incredible power transmission to boot!

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  • Incredibly powerful transmission
  • Comfortable ride
  • Smooth and efficient
  • Great components
  • Vastly better than older models

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  • Noisy chainset
  • Not for ninjas


The Verdict

An incredibly efficient trail bike that is capable of taking on some of the harshest, wettest and roughest trails out there and surviving.

From the lack of clogging to the great frame, the drivetrain and the tires, the Cube Fritzz was a trail bike that we want to put to the test every day, just because of how good it feels.

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