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Cube Curve Review

Cube Curve is advertised as being a jack of all trades. Whether you are looking to do some biking, trekking, or hitting up some slightly rough terrain, this bike should be able to handle it all. The first thing that we did was take a look at the overall design and components and see if they fit in this plan.

The bike, although not lightweight, is lighter than a great deal of its predecessors. Cube claims that this is largely to do with the double butted aluminum frame on the bike. Sitting on it, we had to agree. The Cube Curve certainly seems a lot lighter.

Now, it was for the test drive. We started off on some basic road. We were quite pleased with the performance, the bike sailing smoothly over the road. Of course, the Curve boasts of being able to handle a lot more so we decided to put it to the test. We headed to some rockier terrain.

Here, too, the Cube Curve performs admirably, putting up with the smaller jolts and bumps. This is largely due to the adjustable front suspension available with the bike. Therefore, if you are planning on taking it the Curve out for some light trekking, you won’t be disappointed.

This does not mean, however, that the Curve should be put through all of its paces. While the bike is solidly built, we still have some concerns about certain aspect of the bike. For instance, the groupset is more at home on gentler terrain. It can withstand only so much of abuse before succumbing. Therefore, you should be mindful of the destination that you are heading to.


  • Good all-rounder bike
  • Solid, lightweight frame
  • Smooth ride
  • Good handling
  • Affordable price


  • Better suited to more gentle terrain

The Verdict

The Cube Curve is perfect for the cyclist who wants a bike to be able to handle a little bit of everything. This bike will suit multiple requirements well.

The Cube Curve is a great option for the cyclist who prefers having just one bike in their shed instead of an arsenal.

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