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Commencal El Camino is an entry-level bike that’s made to endure long and particularly tough journeys. Do not be misled by the “entry-level” tag. These bikes are equipped with top-notch components to ensure durability and high performance. Though this bike model is intended for beginners, intermediaries and even some pros can benefit from the many perks offered.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Commencal El Camino 2018
Commencal El Camino 2018
$580 $593

Commencal El Camino Review

Commencal El Camino is a popular bike model among entry-level cyclists. Weighing at 650 pounds, these bikes are highly lightweight and are ideal for a variety of terrains, except the most rough. The bike has an excellent wheelset to reduce shock of impact. Even as a beginner bike model, the El Camono is designated a hard tail bike designed for long trails that require endurance.

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