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If you want an urban bike that is comfortable and functional, from a company that is well known for producing affordable hybrids, the Charge Grater is what you are looking for. You can find the single speed models for a lower price, but the higher priced Graters have up to eight speeds and a bunch of neat specs.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Charge Grater Mixte 1 2016
Charge Grater Mixte 1 2016
Charge Grater 2 2016
Charge Grater 2 2016

Charge Grater Review

At first glance, we got the impression that this is a low-maintenance, no-frills kind of bike. It’s designed to navigate the city with ease, and that’s what it does. Charge has used its very own components for the contact points, but the grips, saddle, and pedals may not be optimal for long rides through the city. Our palms were a little raw after a couple of hours. That aside, we love that the tires are puncture resistant, the chains are anti-rust, and the frame is pretty light.

The wider handlebars make it a good beginner bike too, but they also make it a little hard to get it through the front door. It rides pretty smoothly and takes hills without much effort, but if you need to carry things around, you may need to mount a rack. We were able to get a good grip even on wet pavement, and the hydraulic brakes have ergonomic levers that make for easy navigation.

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  • Anti-rust chains
  • Lightweight aluminum frames
  • Easy navigation
  • Ergonomic brake levers
  • Full length mudguards

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  • Slightly abrasive grips
  • No pannier, basket, or bottle holder


The Verdict

The Charge Grater hybrid bike is a sturdy and low-maintenance city bike for getting around town in most weather conditions.

If you need something basic for an affordable price, the Charge Grater is what you need. The best price for this would be as low as $450, with more expensive models offering better features. We didn’t think it to be an outstanding bike, but it certainly gets the job done.

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