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Charge Cooker Review

If you are looking for something that’s take whatever you can throw at it, the Charge Cooker will definitely do the job. This is pretty sturdy bike, and we actually liked the retro look and feel of it. If contemporary is more your gig, then even the best of the Charge Cooker specs will not sway you.

On the test ride, we found that this bike mostly steered well, but not so much at higher speeds. Though we did get good grip with the treads, the stability on this bike is not the best due the steep geometry. The tubeless, chubby tires make for a mostly smoother ride, but you might want to stick to the drier and less harsh trails with this bike. High speeds and vicious trails are not really the forte of the Charge Cooker. It is, otherwise, a durable and functional minimalistic bike that is suitable for beginners or for recreational trail biking.

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  • Retro look with a few contemporary upgrades for components
  • Decent handling for its class
  • Durable
  • Average control and steering
  • Certainly serves the purpose

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  • Not for choppier trails
  • Steering suffers a little on higher speeds
  • A dropper post would have been best


The Verdict

The Charge Cooker is a decent, no-frills trail bike designed for a more relaxed riding experience.

Though the Charge Cooker does a pretty average job, there are other bikes out there that deliver better at this price range. However, if what you want is an affordable old-school bike with a few of the right upgrades for some recreational adventuring, then the Charge Cooker might be worth the buy. The range does offer some variety in components and material, with titanium heading the top end.

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