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Cannondale Trigger Review

Cannondale knows a thing or two about bikes. It’s been in the industry since the 70s, produced some pioneering cycling equipment, and sponsored some world champions in its time. They rarely go wrong with their cycles nowadays, so we didn’t expect less from the Cannondale Triggers when we took these badboys out for a spin.

The all-mountain and trail bikes had a lot to give on the trail. We would have liked a bit more front travel, but we weren’t hindered by what these bikes had. Most of the specs were average, although some of the aluminum models were a little on the heavy side. For the most part, even the lower priced models had some performance-ready componentry, but most of these bikes may be more geared to the beginner and intermediate riders.

The Carbon Black Inc. model is by far the best bike we tested. It’s smooth and light, and has the best and lightest SRAM componentry to boast of. This bike offered some incredible acceleration and responded like a race-quality bike should. We would have liked a bit more travel, but we’ll forgive that for the overall performance on the trail.


  • Excellent overall performance
  • Some great componentry, especially the Carbon Black Inc.
  • Something for every level of rider in this range
  • Smooth and light riding
  • Good acceleration and traction


  • Costly, even with aluminum frames and entry-level componentry
  • Could have used more front travel
  • One or two models with less than stellar 29ers

The Verdict

Definitely a good buy if you consider performance and componentry alone, but may be a little on the pricier side for some.

We rarely review a bad bike from this brand, and the Cannondale Trigger series mostly lived up to expectations. The race level models are definitely worth a buy if you want to compete, but if you’re a beginner or leisurely rider, there are cheaper entry-level bikes available than the ones in this series.

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