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Cannondale Race Review

It can be difficult to find good bikes for kids, particularly for a cost that you can live with. The Cannondale Race is a great option for the kids that are showing some serious talent and need bikes that match. In true Cannondale style, the Race is very similar in design and components to their adult bikes. Of course, the frame is light enough to help most kids keep their balance well. That being said, the aluminum frame is quite durable. Therefore, even if this bike gets banged around a bit, rest assured it will continue to perform.

One of the perks on this bike is the suspension fork, which is superior to what many other brands offer. This fork allows for improved stability and also evens out the ride as well. There is continued comfort even as the bike is taken over all sorts of terrain. The tires also quite large which does make the ride smoother, although at times, it can slow down the bike a little. There is enough of a tread on the tires to make sure that the bike can ride safely over slicker surfaces like grass.

Another advantage with the Race are the alloy V brakes. They are easy to manipulate, responding to the slightest touch. The reaction from the brakes is almost immediate and the bike stops well. For this price point, the Race is definitely a bike that will be better appreciated by more enthusiastic riders.


  • Lightweight frame
  • Good suspension
  • Good brakes


  • Heavy tires

The Verdict

The Cannondale Race is certainly a bike that is going to improve your child’s riding ability considerably. The specs alone on this bike are definitely worth the price tag attached to it. This is an excellent bike for children who may be a little too small to be able to ride larger bikes with better components.

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