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Cannondale Bad Habit is a high-end bike designed for navigating rough terrain. If you are looking for a bike model that offers excellent traction, superior comfort and nimble navigation, then this is definitely the model for you. Though this one doesn’t come cheap, you will get premium-grade specs and the ability to conquer almost any steep trail.

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2019 Cannondale Bad Habit Carbon 1 Demo
2019 Cannondale Bad Habit Carbon 1 Demo
$2,800 $2,500
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Cannondale Bad Habit Review

Cannondale Bad Habit is one of those bike models that we feel lucky to review. This model is mostly preferred by experienced and hardcore cyclists who are dead set on conquering really tough trails. When we were about to review this model, an experienced cyclist told us to choose the toughest terrain. So we did: we rode this model though rocky terrain with tricky bends and lots of different elevations. Basically, this is the type of terrain that is torture to ride on a flatlander.

This model on average has speeds comparable to a 29er on 27-inch wheels (or bigger on some bikes in this model). The low pressure tires combines well with full suspension allowing the bike to handle versatile terrain really well. The model also comes with short chainstays, so performance is rarely compromised.

At first, we were intimidated by the larger tire circumference. But the ingenious front end geometry meant that we could essentially sail like a yacht on cross country roads. The tricky bends were a non issue thanks to superior geometry.

Also, no knee hurting even after riding uphill and downhill for hours. On the downside, this model is rather on the expensive side. Also, pedals are sold separately and that can be a big downer.


  • Great geometry
  • Ability to handle varying elevations
  • Rides comfortably on rough terrain
  • Easy to handle gnarly bends


  • Very expensive
  • Pedals sold separately

The Verdict

If you are a regular mountain biker who likes riding on wild and difficult to guess terrain, then Cannondale Bad Habit will be a lifesaver.

It’s one of the best bikes out there that can handle tough terrain. Even though the wheels can be a bit large, the impeccable geometry and top-end specs makes navigation easy and very comfortable.

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