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The Cannondale Bad Boy is something that we all love – efficient, priced right and able to achieve more than a lot of bikes in the same price range. This has led to a bike that doesn’t have too many flaws at all. This is the ultimate bike for the commuter in you.

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Cannondale Bad Boy 3 2020
Cannondale Bad Boy 3 2020
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Cannondale Bad Boy 2 2020

Cannondale Bad Boy Review

The Cannondale Bad Boy is a bike that is definitely worth the price that you pay. It has a very unique design that we soon grew to love, making use of disc brakes, a nice suspension system, a front light as well as a rear hub on the inside.

We found out early on that the entire setup was geared towards being one of the best city bikes out there, and is therefore one that we highly recommend to any commuters out there. Disc brakes aren’t really the norm when it comes to a commuter bike, but we think it should be simply because of the sheer amount of control that one gains through the use of these brakes.

Considering that this is a road bike, more control is never something that is unwelcome. In addition to this the front light is perfect for people who work until the late evening, with a nice white LED that is more than capable of giving an early warning to drivers. However, it also tended to be a little distracting at times.


  • Great frame design
  • Amazing components
  • Very affordable
  • Great for commuting


  • Front light can be a little distracting

The Verdict

The Cannondale is a bad boy that is more than capable of being the perfect commuter bike. It is fast, efficient, powerful and responsible, and is one of the coolest out there.

We had such a great time on the Cannondale Bad Boy that we felt completely at home with it in any of the situations we were in. The lack of control on the front light was a little strange, but we loved it overall.

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