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Cannondale Althea 3 bike models are known to have the best specs and designs available in the market. These bikes are made for both commuters and athletes. This model also has several bikes to accommodate women who need smaller frames. This bike model is suitable for all.

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Cannondale Althea 3 20
Cannondale Althea 3 20

Cannondale Althea Review

Cannondale Althea 3 bike model offers those rare designs that you can take out for a spin on the street, or for an adventure in the countryside. We loved reviewing this model. Though it’s not in the top range when it comes to handling rough terrain, we loved what this had to offer.

What makes this particular sports utility bike model possible is the SAVE micro-suspension tech. It can well balance the frame and the wheels on almost all kinds of terrain. This model offers fast speeds and nimble navigation on streets, sidewalks and otherwise paves roads. We can say that similar responsiveness can be expected on dirt tracks, mountain roads and gravelly lanes.

This model offers variety of speeds. Don’t expect super-high responsiveness on rough terrain like BMC Fourstroke, but this model does quite well. We particularly liked the vibration and shock reduction capabilities. Price range is slightly above budget.


  • Great for the city or the wilderness
  • Good shock and vibration absorption capabilities
  • Women-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Easy to handle


  • Not as tough as specialized sports bikes

The Verdict

We highly recommend this sports utility bike to everyday commuters, outdoor adventurists and casual users.

Cannondale Althea is a great bike model if you don’t want to spend close to a thousand dollars buying a top sports bike. It’s also convenient to use, easy to handle and makes sure that your ride is as comfortable as possible.

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