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Campagnolo Zonda wheelset was recently updated by the brand. The newer wheels sport wider profiles and Campag’s highly acclaimed C17 rims. As a result, the wheelset is lighter than it used to be. It’s the ideal wheelset for cyclists just starting out.

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Campagnolo Zonda C17 Wheelset 700c Campagnolo Wheel Sets
Campagnolo Zonda C17 Wheelset 700c Campagnolo Wheel Sets

Campagnolo Zonda Review

Campagnolo Zonda is an old wheelset model that has been recently updated. This wheelset now comes with Campag C17 rim and sports a profile wider than it used to have. In addition to making Zonda wheels wide, Campag has also made them lighter. Zonda is a great training wheel that has just gotten even better.

The Zonda wheelset comes packed with features. The C17 rim is milled to reduce peripheral weight, so the wheelset is extremely responsive and reactive to user feedback. The structural resistance on the external profile has been improved with MoMag tech. Essentially, the external rim profile is free of holes that can increase air resistance. The lack of holes also makes rim tape totally unnecessary so you can ride with less weight. Each point on the rim is also counterbalanced with equal weight on the opposing side. This maximizes stability of the wheels, especially at high speeds.

The rims are differentiated between the front and the back to enhance handling. The rim height on the front is 26mm and in the back is 30mm. Weight and force are evenly transmitted facilitating smooth and stable rides for cyclists. You can speed without a worry. Spokes also have an anti-rotation function to maintain a basic aerodynamic position. The spoke pattern is Mega G3, which allows for the ideal balance. Plus, the spoke pattern eliminates those annoying vibrations even if you paddle really hard. The alloy body supports lateral stiffness to a desirable high degree as well. All in all, the Zonda wheels are designed to be excellent.


  • Wider rim profile
  • Updated model
  • Rim milled to reduce weight
  • Rim profile minimized air resistance
  • Anti-rotation spokes
  • Eliminated vibrations


  • Not suitable for pro riders
  • Possible durability issues

The Verdict

If you cannot afford more expensive latest released of the Campag line, then Campagnolo Zonda is a good wheelset to invest it.

These wheels offer comfortable, vibration free rides that beginners will particularly appreciate.