Campagnolo Khamsin

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The Campagnolo may be a strict entry level wheelset but it is still one of the best ones that you can get. It provides a smooth ride and great handling. It is also incredibly hard wearing and will last you quite a while.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Campagnolo Khamsin C17 Wheelset 2019 - Shimano
Campagnolo Khamsin C17 Wheelset 2019 - Shimano
$197.99 $199.00

Campagnolo Khamsin Review

If you have been looking into the Campagnolo Khamsin for yourself, you have probably found the word ‘budget’ floating around a lot. Considering Campagnolo’s typical price point, this bike is a steal. This is probably, of course, because the components are made from alloy rather than carbon. You also need to contend with the obvious, added weight to the wheelset. Once you have given the Khamsin a chance, however, you will find that it does not hold you back as much as you may have imagined.

This is what we discovered, at least, once we got started. While the extra grams are noticeable, the bike still accelerates at a decent rate. What we really appreciated was that the wheelset did feel really solid beneath us. Not to mention, when braking, the bike came to a quick and satisfying stop so the weight is good for something.

One of the more noteworthy features of the Campagnolo Khamsin, nonetheless, is the oversized flange. It helps to elevate the torsional rigidity. This means that every time you change up your pace, you get to feel the bike responding accordingly. With this, you are definitely getting a higher value than you are paying for.

Also, there is no denying that the Khamsin is able to take a bit of a beating and still come back for more. If you live somewhere where the roads aren’t the best, you will find this wheelset to be a loyal companion.


  • Responsive wheelset
  • Great rigidity
  • Decent acceleration
  • Durable
  • Great price


  • A bit heavy

The Verdict

Campagnolo Khamsin may be a little hefty but is still capable of being a wheelset that you should be excited for.

For its price tag, the Khamsin performs well above its bestowed category.