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Campagnolo Shamal is a highly recognized brand for wheelsets around the world. The latest Shamal has been improved with an impressive wider profile. Forget the days of the 23mm tires. With this wheelset, you can ride on 25mm to 28mm tires.

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Campagnolo Shamal Ultra C17 Clincher Wheelset Performance Wheels
Campagnolo Shamal Ultra C17 Clincher Wheelset Performance Wheels
$896 $898

Campagnolo Shamal Review

Campagnolo Shamal the go-to aluminum race wheel for this well-known brand. It’s been 20 years since the very first Shamal wheelset was introduced, and the model remains popular to this day. These wheels have wider profiles to allow cyclists to fit wider tires. The latest version of this model has been improved with a rim that supports 25mm and 28mm tires. The wide profile lowers rolling resistance, and at the same time increases comfort while on road.

Compared to earlier editions of Shamal, you will notice that the internal rim width has been increased up to 17.3mm. Only Mavic has a comparable wide set wheelset with their Cosmic carbon clinchers, which only comes to about 17mm. If you are a rider sick of 23mm tires, the Shamal wheelset will be exactly what you need. The wider rims provide a better surface interface for the tire. Wide rims paired with wide tires offer smoother performances overall.

There’s also an aerodynamic advantage to the wider rim as it allows smoother airflow over the tire so there’s not void behind. Plus, handling is definitely improved with the wide rim design. The tire tends to adopt a consistent shape when paired with a wider rim as well. Both grip and comfort naturally increase with this design. If you are a pro-competition cyclist, you will definitely appreciate this design. Casual road cyclists will also benefit when going on long cycling trips. There are other features of this wheelset, like the ceramic USB hubs, that provide excellent advantages.


  • Wider profile
  • Lower rolling resistance
  • Dynamic balance technology
  • Solid aerodynamic advantage


  • Only suitable for road cyclists
  • Can be expensive

The Verdict

Campagnolo Shamal is a solid alloy wheelset you can bank on to get better stability and performance when cycling on road.

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