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Campagnolo Bora Ultra Review

Campagnolo Bora Ultra wheelset is one of the few of the Italian brand that is dedicated to the clincher. These wheels are full carbon, so you will have to pay a bit for these tires. These wheels have a number of distinctive features. For starters, the wheels are unpainted so the rider can save weight on the wheels. Also, the wheelset is equipped with Campagnolo’s CULT bearing system that keeps the tires always rolling and causes no drag. These are only some of the advantages offered by Campagnolo Bora Ultra.

The Bora Ultra rims measure at 35mm of depth and 24.2mm of width at the brake track. Internal rim width is 17.4mm. The carbon the tires are made from is very tightly woven, so the wheels overall look sharper. The rim profile is quite traditional and has no new features to speak of. However, the tires do have Dynamic Balance tech to align the carbon fiber fabric for better balance. The break track has been treated with the 3Diamant surface, which is a technique where diamond-tipped machines are used to eliminate any imperfections on the brake surface.

What’s truly unique about Bora Ultra wheels are the hubs. The hubs may differ depending on the price you pay. The more expensive wheels have carbon hub shells and CULT ceramic bearings mentioned above. The hubs are connected to the rims with basic stainless steel spokes and external nipples. This design makes these wheels really easy to repair or service later. The rear wheels have a G3 spoke pattern, something the brand has mastered. Overall, these wheels have increased lateral stiffness that helps riders tackle road vibrations.

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  • Extra steps taken to remove weight off wheels
  • Dynamic Balance tech
  • Perfected brake track
  • Easy to repair
  • Good lateral stiffness

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  • Expensive


The Verdict

Campagnolo Bora Ultra is an expensive but feature packed wheelset that will last with riders for a long time. Buy it especially if you are bothered by road vibrations.

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