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Breezer Thunder Review

Breezer Thunder offers some impressive specs for the affordable price range it’s in. These bikes come from a solid brand that specializes in mountain riding. We are so glad we reviewed this model, because now we can’t stop gushing over it.

The biggest perk with Thunder bikes is that they are very responsive. When we road these bikes through the countryside, the machines feel solid. This is the bike you want when you want to get over a steep formation while pedaling standing up.

We have to mention that the bike model, on average, weights close to 13 kg without pedals. Yes, it’s a big, heavy bike. While this weight has its advantages, when you are in a heated situation it most certainly works against one’s best interests. The frame, however, weighs 1.8 kg alone. Other alloy hardtails of comparable design have heavier frames.

The model has press-fit bottom brackets and direct mount headsets. Both wheels mount via traditional quick release axles, which is notable for a racing bike. Thunder offers supple riding and is very easy to maintain. On the downside, the weight takes away some flexibility. Also, the rear derailleur is noisy.

[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″]


  • Excellent design
  • Larger frame
  • Nimble riding

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  • Heavy
  • Rigid
  • Noisy derailleur


The Verdict

Breezer Thunder is large, bulky in some parts and can get a wee bit noisy. However, it offers one hell of a ride.

Designed by a historic mountain biker, you know this model is made to make those steep trails fun and awesome. It’s also very easy to maintain, and has a number of features not seen in other models.

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