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Aggressive mountain biker? Then BMC Trailfox is definitely a bike model that will suit your needs. It was originally designed as a racing bike, but is now more of an adventure bike that even non-racers can try. The amazingly designed bike goes uphill easily, and can tackle any challenge a mountain trail throw at you.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
BMC Trailfox AMP TWO 2019 Electric
BMC Trailfox AMP TWO 2019 Electric
BMC Trailfox AMP ONE 2019 Electric
BMC Trailfox AMP ONE 2019 Electric
BMC Trailfox AMP LTD 2019 Electric
BMC Trailfox AMP LTD 2019 Electric

BMC Trailfox Review

Well, we think you are going to love riding a BMC Trailfox bike, just as we did reviewing it. Perhaps thanks to its origin as a race bike, the Trailfox thrilled us and restored our faith on moderate mountain bikes.

This 150mm 29er is great fun when going uphill and downhill. Most bike models can’t say it’s fun going uphill. This model has a great charge so none of us were exhausted prematurely when going uphill. Also, there was less drag and friction thanks to the Big Wheel-tech powered wheelset.

This is the perfect bike for those endurance race courses anywhere in the world. The bikes in this model are equipped with SRAM XX1 drivetrains and FLOAT components. These are high-end specs that will let you climb those punchy and rocky trails.
The thing is, going in any curvy direction except straight is the best use for this mountain bike. This model is designed for highly aggressive terrain where there’s a lot of sideways riding. But, on milder terrain performance drops.
It’s very important to note that this bike can cost close to $10,000. That’s a big downside as many, like us, would wonder if the specs offered are truly worth the price.

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  • High-end specs
  • Good charge
  • Ideal for aggressive terrain

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  • Unbelievably expensive
  • Not as good on less challenging terrain


The Verdict

BMC Trailfox may cost you an arm and a leg, but this is one of the handful of bike models available that will allow you to handle the world’s toughest mountain trails.

The high-end specs are superb on challenging trails. If you are a serious or pro mountain biker, BMC Trailfox will very well be worth the investment.

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