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BMC Fourstroke Review

We heard about the BMC Fourstroke for the first time during XCO World Championships couple of years ago. This is one of the handful of full-suspension mountain bike models to actually be able to win a title. Competitive mountain biking requires handling yourself on some crazy uphill tracks. A bike model needs to have impeccable specs to keep up. After a weekend riding this model around on an outing, we can cut to the chase and say early in the review that this model is perfect for mountain biking.

The secret of this model is that it combines big wheel concept geometry and advanced pivot system suspension in its design. The advantage here is that this combination allows the bike to speed fast similarly to a marathon bike. Most mountain bikes are designed to be able to handle rough terrain. Speed is not necessarily a concern. However, this model outperforms in this regard.

Out experience with this model was largely positive. We managed to take it out on a mountain biking trail just outside the city. We found the premium carbon design idea for the deed. The design is responsive and even the toughest tracks can be mastered comfortably.

Also, with this model, riding fast on mountain tracks is not a problem. However, the large wheels can make navigating certain steep segments of a tough track a bit difficult.


  • Acclaimed design
  • Super fast for a mountain bike
  • Top-of-the-line specs
  • Comfort is ensured


  • Very, very expensive so amateurs should think twice before buying
  • Wheels can be too large for some obstacles

The Verdict

We highly recommend this BMC Fourstroke as a superior mountain bike.

If you are a mountain biking enthusiast, a professional athlete or similar, you will mostly benefit from BMC Fourstroke. Casual users can also benefit, especially if you intend to tackle tougher biking trails.

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