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Academy Inspire Review

Academy has gained a lot of attention over the years for creating quality BMX bikes. They are known for putting out entry level bikes at some of the best prices on the market. Even better, they have been making an effort to cater to all those smaller riders out there. With this in mind, Academy gives you their Academy Inspire 18”. So let’s review this one and see how it stands up against its predecessors.
If you are a smaller rider and have had issues with the bigger bikes, then the Academy Inspire 18” might be right up your alley. The great thing about this bike, however, is that while it fits a smaller frame, it certainly does not look like it. This bike can easily be mistaken for a 20”.

The Inspire weighs in at about 10.6 kg, overall. The frame is made from chromoly with a Hi Ten fork. The bike has impressive specs including a brake lever alloy with a shorter reach. The frame, as well as its functioning, is well worth the price tag attached to it.


  • Lightweight
  • Great for smaller riders
  • Good beginner’s bike
  • Solid Construction


  • Few color choices

The Verdict

One of the best things about the Inspire is that it is a smooth ride. You are definitely not going to feel any lag as you cruise down the road.

This bike is a little lighter than most which makes it really great for racing. Its structure means that it would probably be better at home on the streets than the dirt, however. That being said, it does perform well regardless of the track or environment. This is also definitely the bike for you if you are on the smaller side and have been looking for something to give you an edge.

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