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On this page we attempt to make available the experience of individual bicycle tourists who have travelled with Olympic (you can share your experiences here).

Lost my bike (Istanbul Airport)

We arrived in Turkey with two bikes some two weeks ago. We had to do a connection flight and of course, the bikes were late. They arrived the next day. As you know, the flight company is suppossed to get the bikes to your hotel for free, but the airport staff refused to do it, saying that the boxes were too big and didn't fit into the transports. (!!)

We had to go back to the airport to pick them up. Afterwards, we went to the air company (Olympic) and gave them the receipt for the taxis. They paid off pretty quickly. Hope it helps!

There is a pedestrian path along the water that you can use to bike to and from the airport. It runs parallel to the E5, which goes to the airport. It's kind of slow and bumpy but a good alternative, especially for late afternoon/evening.

After you leave the airport you find a traffic circle. Take the exit toward city center (the left). One kilometer further on you'll be alongside the sea, where the path begins, on your right. It goes right downtown, nearly to the Sultanalhet. Watch out for bumps and potholes and some curbs. The path is really intended for pedestrians, not bikes.

Hay un paseo maritimo que va paralelo a la autovia E5 (la que pasa por el aeropuerto). Es bastante lento e irregular, pero una buena opcion si es por la tarde/noche. Una vez salidos del aeropuerto, se llega a una rotonda. La debeis coger hacia el centro (la izquierda) un kilometro mas alante, estareis pegados al mar, donde podeis ya utilizar el paseo, que estara a vuestra derecha, y que llega hasta practicamente el Sultanalhet. Cuidado con las icorporaciones y los baches. Solo es para peatones, asi que encontrareis bordillos altos y asfalto irregular.
Alicia, June 27, 2005

Olympic Airways - Regulations

Found on: [email protected]

lo folx,

Following up my posting to the list about the regulations about flying with your bike in and to/from Greece with Olympic Airways (pedals removed, handlebars turned, tyres deflated), I sent Olympic another email and received a *very* prompt reply (within 20 minutes!), as follows:


From: Olympic Airways' Customer Relations Dept.

[email protected]

Date: Fri, 12 May 2000 10:25:04 +0300

Dear Mr Hollamby,

In answer to your e-mail dated May, 12, we would like to inform you that it is not necessary to enclose the bicycle in a protective cardboard box, but if you wish to do it, there is no problem.

Always at your disposal Lena Pritsas / Customer Relations Representative

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Bryan Hollamby, May 11, 2000

Rhodes, Greece

Following to my recent bicycle tour of Rhodes island (or Rodos, eastern Greece ) I like to contribute this info.

The international airport is 16 km from Rhodes downtown. The road is nearly flat and lighted all night for the full length, so you can ride safely even at night (which I made twice). The traffic is reasonably low (mostly taxis, some coach) and at least 90% of the flights are charters and operate on the night between Saturday and Sunday for packed tour weeks. There is a public bus from the airport to central Agorà (new market) square, but they refuse to carry bicycles -- unless there is plenty of room and time to discuss the issue. At the airport you find no formal cloak room, but there is a locked deposit and if you ask any Olympic Airways officer they easily accept to store a bag - and usually for free. We left there a bag filled with our kit for bike protection (bubble wrap, foam, straps, tools). The island is very pleasant to tour by bicycle, including the main town. Out of it, the traffic is minimal, and the sights excellent. It is quite easy to find simple accommodations in the villages, or to camp on the several long beaches. Plan 300 to 400 km and some notable slopes - not too hard.

regards Ugo De Riu

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Ugo De Riu, May 06, 2000

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