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On this page we attempt to make available the experience of individual bicycle tourists who travel to Nepal (you can share your experiences here).

Impressions from bicycle touring

This website shows what it’s like to bicycle through these countries, thus helping the cyclist decide which country they want to take their next tour in.

Grace Johnson, June 29, 2010

Indian Airlines, Air India and Kolkatta International Airport

Flew Indian Airlines/Air India (the same company these days from Calcutta to Kathmandu return with bikes. No problem at either end. Join their frequent flyer program 'flying returns' before flying and you get an extra 10kg of luggage allowance!

Calcutta international airport has a 24 hour left luggage facility outside the terminal building (accross the parking lot near the taxi rank). As we were catching an early morning BA flight back to London we stayed at the international airport retiring rooms. Basic, but clean. To get a room (700Rs per person) go and see the airport manager (office on your right before you exit the international terminal). Rooms are on the first floor of the building and we had no problem storing our bikes there while we took a taxi into town to find something to eat.

David, November 02, 2008

Buddha Air

Took a flight with Buddha Air from Pokhara to Kathmandu earlier this month on a small twin engine Beech 1900D aircraft. No problem taking bikes on as luggage. Just twisted the handlebars around and the ground staff wheeled them away and delivered them back to us in perfect order at the other end in KTM:)

David, October 31, 2008

All about bike travel

Take a look at our adventure! Inorbitt is all about bike travel. Buses, trains, trucks, and bikes we used them all in this classic adventure. Police road blocks couldn’t stop an inorbitt adventure. Organized on the web as a free to join, open to everyone, cycle adventure.
Hong Kong to Goa for the millennium, via Tibet and the illegal route from Yunnan to Lhasa. See the pictures, read the adventures and find out how to do it yourself.

scarm, April 14, 2008

Thai Airlines and China South West

I've just returned from Melbourne-Chengdu, Kathmandu-Bangkok, Bangkok-Melbourne with Thai and Chengdu-Lhasa with China South West Airlines.

Each time, I checked in four panniers weighing over 30 kilos in total. Plus the bike (unboxed) weighing another 13 kilos. And 10 kilos or mmore of hand luggage. Never had any problems with excess baggage or charges.

At a few of the airports, they tried to put the bike through their x-ray machine. Of course it wouldn't fit so they gave up. Most of them made me let the tyres down.

Jon Miller, November 11, 2002

Kathmandu, Nepal

Dear George:

I rode my bike around the world in 1995 and 1996. At the Kathmandu airport, I was hard nosed for a tip by the check-in desk supervisor. He allowed my bike to be checked in without weighing or the assessment of any extra charges. He was really forward in his demands. I gave him all the Nepal currency I had left and US$20.00. He was not happy with such a small amount! While waiting in line, I talked with a German fellow who I had met several days before in downtown Kathmandu. He was standing around wringing his hands and wondering what was going to happen to him. The same check-in desk supervisor had not taken him under his wing and he was being charged US$170.00 in fees for his bike. The fellow said that he was NOT going to pay. I don't know what happened to him.

Sincerely, Bruce Ole Ohlson

Carl L Ohlson, December 27, 1999

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal

All trains, buses and boats in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal take bikes. No need to pack them. For buses and boats just turn up: cycles are normal luggage. For trains turn up an hour or two before departure, go to the Foreign Tourist office of big stations, and at the luggage office of small stations, and ask how to book. Fees are negligable.

Cyclists in south Asia must take special care over dehydration and over theft: I'll happily send you a note if asked.

Ben Haines, London

Ben Haines, October 21, 1997

Bike Rental -- India & Nepal

Nepal: Kathmandu, Patan, Bhagdaon, Pokhara.

Special cases:
Bombay (now renamed Mumbai): despite an extensive search no renting business was found at all. Any suggestion is appreciated.

Calcutta: it seems that there is only one place, and it has a very limited stock available (5-6 pieces) but if the demand increases ...
Ask of Mr. A. Kadir, 1, Marquis street (Chowringhee area, just south of Sudder str.). Additional help can be obtained from Blue Sky Restaurant, at the corner of Sudder str. with Chowringhee Lane.

Ugo De Riu, March 30, 1997

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