Malaysian Air System Bike Experiences

On this page we attempt to make available the experience of individual bicycle tourists who have travelled with Malaysian Air System (you can share your experiences here).

Malaysian Air System,Auckland-KL, KL-Yangon (Rangoon)

Malaysian Air System. I flew Auckland-KL, KL-Yangon (Rangoon) return and KL-London. (1998/99) MAS allow you 15kg of sporting equipment for free in addition to your 20kg baggage. Again minimal preparation and very rapid check-in at all the airports. The new Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) does have a cycle access route (approach from Rawang side not Sepang), which is fortunate as all the local roads are motorways. Whether you can find the way is another matter, as none of these roads are on any maps yet. I was able to put my bicycle on the express bus service to the town centre without charge. However this service involves trans-shipping you onto a minibus at a bus depot about 10km from the city centre. The minibus took my bike into the city centre without any problem, though I had a long discussion to get them to accept it in the reverse direction. You could probably cycle to the bus depot - although on a motorway it is only a short distance from a junction. Currently you cannot put a bike on Malaysian trains, so the proposed rail-link to the airport may not help. Yangon Airport is 20km from city centre. You can get good city maps from the tourist board at the airport. The airport is just around the corner from the Highway Bus Station (long distance bus station) - so you might like to go straight there to book your bus ticket up country before going into town.
Ivan Viehoff, August 01, 2000

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