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On this page we attempt to make available the experience of individual bicycle tourists who have travelled with LTU (you can share your experiences here).

LTU/Air Berlin

Info about LTU/Air Berlin (They merged recently): Buy a 30 Euro Top Bonus Card and you are entitled to bring your bike for free on LTU flights as often as you like for 1 year! I used this offer to bring my bike to Thailand from Europe and back and it worked well. They demand that the bike is boxed.

Best regards
Erik Vindbjerg

Erik Vindbjerg , April 10, 2009

LTU International Airways

Used LTU to fly Duesseldorf-Munich(both Germany)-Windhoek(Namibia) in 2000. The flight actually finishes in Cape Town(South Africa).
The bike went into a huge clear but tough plastic bag and went as "sport equipment". No extra fee that time and still had my 20kg for the other luggage (panniers).
Windhoek Airport is extremely easy to navigate. Out of the Terminal, sit on, and cycle away. There is only one road.
You might wanna stock up on water and food in the airport. There's a little shop/restaurant. It's 40km to Windhoek (on a nice and quiet road), usually very hot and also very hilly on the last 20km.

Thomas Schleicher, January 04, 2003

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