LANChile Bike Experiences

On this page we attempt to make available the experience of individual bicycle tourists who have travelled with LANChile (you can share your experiences here).

LANChile, Buenos Aires,Santiago,Easter Island,Tahiti

LANChile. I made 5 flights with LANChile: Buenos Aires-Santiago-Easter Island-Tahiti and return trip Punta Arenas-Mount Pleasant (Falklands) (1997/98). No special preps apart from BsAs-Santiago where they insisted on a plastic bag. They accepted bike + 15kg without argument on all these sectors. Santiago airport is about 22km from city centre. Riding most of it on very busy roads is unavoidable. Once you have gone a short distance south on the ring road, you have a choice of Calle San Pablo and the main dual carriageway. Having tried both, I recommend the latter as it has a hard shoulder much of the way and doesn't have traffic lights and bus stops on every block.
Ivan Viehoff, August 01, 2000

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