Jet Airways Bike Experiences

On this page we attempt to make available the experience of individual bicycle tourists who have travelled with Jet Airways (you can share your experiences here).

Gulf Air, Jet Airways

I've just returned from cycling over the Himalayas from Leh to Manali with Exodus Travels and wanted to pass on my experiences.
I had no problems using Gulf Air to get my boxed bike to India. The key is to join their frequent flyer program one month before you fly as it entitles you to 10kg of extra luggage allowance (30kg total).

In India as we paid for our internal Jet Airways flight from Delhi to Leh in US dollars we also received a 30kg luggage allowance (if you pay in Indian Rupees its 20kg). They took our bikes with no questions asked:) Don't worry if you are over the 30kg allowance as Jet Airways only charges 54 Rupees (thats about £0.70) per extra Kg!!!

David, September 14, 2004

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