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Grace Johnson, June 29, 2010

Lion Air - bike on board

- Indonesian airline
- traveled: Denpasar (Bali) to Ujung Pandang (Sulawesi)
- sports equipment is for free but being foreigners we had to remind the ladies at the check-in in Denpasar as they wanted to charge us overweight!!!
- bike should be packed in a box

Zuzka, June 22, 2010

Bus Indonesia (Java)

Taking the bus can be easy, but knowing Indonesians they can make it difficult. Taking a local(non airco) bus in the middle of Java, one bicycle went into the back side of the bus (underneath the rear window) and one went ontop of the rear seats. Just be creative and 'demonstrate' how easy it is to remove your wheels and that you're willing to help them. In an airco bus we took in north-west java (Madura->Surabaya->Bali), the first bus driver placed them behind the rack at the next to the rear door. Changing busses in Surabaya was a bit more difficult (more persuasian was needed) but after 5 min. demonstrating, begging and helping it took them only 5min to solve the problem. It was after 5min that they found out that we were willing to pay for the bicycles.
Like in the rest of Asia you pay for the luggage you take on a bus, like in the rest of asia the price is a person seat for 2 bicycles. I couldn't find any fraud in it.

raymond thuring, August 24, 2004

Jakarta, Indonesia

When we waited for the bicycles we waited 'for my feeling' too long. Knowing curious Indonesians I walked over the belt and pulled away the rubber flaps that divides the luggage pick-up area from the airport personnel. Indonesians were (as expected) investigating our bicycles, they immediately dropped them on the belt.

Finding transport outside of the airport is not a problem. Just verify the price with the counters (use them only for price reference, and go low with your price). Then ask an 'illegal 'taxi driver who has a van to take you to 'Jalan Jaksa' (street with many guesthouses) for that price.

raymond thuring, August 23, 2004

Bali, Indonesia

Bali airport is just 3km outside Kuta beach. Just cycle toward it with your pre folded cardboard for the tubes of your bicycle (if you fly Garuda.) If you fly KLM don't forget to box it. No problems.

raymond thuring, August 23, 2004

Garuda - The Airline of Indonesia

No box required. Just wrap your bicycle tubes with carton, deflate the tyres to 80% and you are fine. Good experience

raymond thuring, August 23, 2004

Cycling in Paradise (Bali, Indonesia)

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I Wayan Kertayasa

I. Wayan Kertayasa, October 23, 2003

Bali, Indonesia

The airport at Denpasar, Bali is in the largest city of Bali, but is still rideable, so you can still ride away from the airport.

Your first goal should be to run away from the tourist ghetto around Kuta, Nusa Dua and Sanur. Perhaps a better option would be to arrange transportation to your first hotel away from the city (we went to Ubud for US$20, 3 people and 3 bikes and an hour drive, but you should be able to negotiate a better rate in person).

There is storage at the airport for your box; I believe it was about Rp5500/day, less than US$1/day.

Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong took the bikes without a box, although flights from the USA mentioned a box was needed. In all cases the bikes arrived without damage or hassle.

Steve Casagrande, October 03, 2000

Bali, Indonesia

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    Three of the hotels at which I stayed in Bali had bikes to borrow or rent - it's not necessary to take your own. As j. says, it's humid! I think I bought a bottle of water every hour I rode.


    for info in a different kind of Balinese holiday, see

  • Max Buten, December 10, 1998

    Bali, Indonesia

    We have just come back from a bicycling trip in Bali. This was self organized. We have just written a short writeup on the trip. You can find it at our web site - - with a link button to the story on top.

    Overall cost with airfare was under $1200 for a 12 day stay. Hotels were almost all in the top level and most meals were feasts.

    Any questions, just ask.

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    J. Gaerlan, December 10, 1998

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