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On this page we attempt to make available the experience of individual bicycle tourists who have travelled with Iberia Airlines (you can share your experiences here).

Iberia Airlines: Returning from Santiago de Compostela

Returned as a pilgrim to Heathrow UK from Santiago Spain in 2002.

Airline photocopied my Compostela (Proof of Pilgrimage) Gave me reduced fare -- with no charge for bike, panniers and camping gear.

Bike not boxed, just deflated tyres and turned bars parallel. Airline staff labelled everything and took it away. Several bike pilgrims on flight. All bikes OK at other end.

Detailed description at http://www.fastload.net/two/pages/return.html. Site also has some info on returning by rail and ferry in 2001

Peter A Thompson, January 20, 2003

Iberia Airlines: Returning from Santiago de Compostela

Pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela in Spain by bike, who have obtained the official proof of having done the pilgrimage the right way, returning by plane with Iberia, don't have to pay extra for their bike on the flight home, nor do they have to put their bike in a bag or box, if they show their "Compostelana" at the booking of the flight with Iberia.

You just have to let the air out of the tires and put the handlebars lengthwise.

They also can fly at 50% of the normal price (year 2000)

Andre Van Steenbergen, February 01, 2002

Iberia Airlines

I received the following words regarding Iberia and bicycles from Iberia Airlines. Perhaps you might find it useful to add to your pages (And I can tell you how they treat my bicycle after I have my trip). Amara

From Iberia, 30 August 2001: A single seat, touring or racing, non motorized bicycle is transported free of charge within the free baggage allowance. Prior to transportation, the handlebars are to be fixed sideways and the pedals removed. If not included in the normal baggage allowance normal applicable excess baggage charge per kilogram.

Amara Graps, PhD | Max-Planck-Institut fuer Kernphysik
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Amara Graps, August 29, 2001

Iberia Airlines


I received this from Iberia:

Iberia does not have an extra fee for bicycles as long as you only take only one suitcase and your bicycle; however, if you take two suitcases and your bicycle you will be charged the excess baggage fee which is $83.00.

I asked them about the charges on connecting flights within the US, and they referred me to American Airlines.

... Andy

Andrew Schwartz, April 29, 2001

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