Gulf Air Bike Experiences

On this page we attempt to make available the experience of individual bicycle tourists who have travelled with Gulf Air (you can share your experiences here).

Gulf Air experience 2011

In April of 2011 I flew Gulf Air round trip to Sri Lanka, ( BOS to LHR to BAH to CMB ) with American Airlines operating the Boston - London leg. I went to Logan the week before and visited several terminals until I found one (United) that would sell me an airline bike box. These are great because you don't have to take the wheels off. I reinforced the box a little, and removed h-bars and pedals, and lowered the seat, and basically rolled the bike in and taped the box closed. 3 flights later, the bike came off the plane with a minor scrape on the top-tube but no real damage. My bicycling plans got a bit confused, and I arrived at the Colombo, Sri Lanka airport for the trip home without a box. THere was a service available to shrink-wrap pretty much anything you wanted to put on the plane, and I should have done that. Instead, I listened to the ground crew, who said to simply give them the bike. So I did! 3 flights back to Boston, and the only damage was a bent fender (easily repaired) and a front wheel that needed trueing.

Tony Rudié, December 09, 2012

Gulf Air, Delhi Taxis & Delhi-Manali & Shimla-Delhi HP Luxury AC bus

Just been cycle touring around the Lahual & Spiti Valley's in the Indian Himalayas and wanted to pass on some info.
At LHR used the Heathrow Hopper bus to get to the airport from our hotel with our bikes.
Flew Gulf Air LHR-DEL-LHR no problems with bikes or partially dismantled BOB trailer and panniers. If you belong to their frequent flyer club you get an extra 10kg free luggage allowance. Boxed from LHR to Delhi, but didn't have to box on the return from Delhi - front wheel strapped to frame with zip ties and used a fork brack to protect forks.
Took luxury AC bus from Delhi to Manali, again no problems taking dismantled bikes and BOB, but had to bribe the driver and his mate 400Rupees (£5). On return took the HP luxury AC bus from Shimla to Delhi. Again no problems taking bikes and BOB trailer and this time even paid the official rate of 350Rupees to the conductor - he wouldn't even accept a 'tip' of 100Rupees for the service!
From the airport and around town in Delhi we had no problems strapping our bikes to the roofs of local taxis using bungee cords.

David, December 10, 2006

Gulf Air, Jet Airways

I've just returned from cycling over the Himalayas from Leh to Manali with Exodus Travels and wanted to pass on my experiences.
I had no problems using Gulf Air to get my boxed bike to India. The key is to join their frequent flyer program one month before you fly as it entitles you to 10kg of extra luggage allowance (30kg total).

In India as we paid for our internal Jet Airways flight from Delhi to Leh in US dollars we also received a 30kg luggage allowance (if you pay in Indian Rupees its 20kg). They took our bikes with no questions asked:) Don't worry if you are over the 30kg allowance as Jet Airways only charges 54 Rupees (thats about £0.70) per extra Kg!!!

David, September 14, 2004

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